How We Got Started

Sonoran Botanicals emerged as an unexpected, pleasant surprise from an effort to maintain my four year old's hair after she got ringworm of the scalp. The ringworm made a bald spot almost two inches in diameter, and her scalp became so sensitive that it was difficult to comb her hair. Consequently, the hair surrounding the bald spot became completely matted. Our family doctor prescribed an antibiotic shampoo, oral medication, and medicated pomade. He also suggested that we not use over-the-counter hair products during this time because he did not want anything to interfere with her treatment. Because we were unable to use our normal shampoos and conditioners, her hair began to break. At this point, it was either cut off her hair until the treatment ended or try to maintain the health of the hair surrounding the bald spot.

We chose the latter of the two options, and I began my search for a natural remedy. My research yielded a variety of herbs and oils that were good for the body. Initially, I developed a conditioner made with herbal tea and glycerin and applied it to my daughter's hair immediately after her prescribed treatment. As a result of our weekly maintenance, her hair stopped breaking. I also noticed that my dry, cracked hands, felt so much better after I finished conditioning my daughter's hair. This peaked my curiosity, and after two years of trial and error, we developed the products available on this website.

About the Products

One thing learned through this experience is that many of the ingredients that are good for your skin are also good for your hair. Sonoran Botanicals thoughtfully handcrafts each conditioner to address the specific needs of people with dry hair and skin. We include occlusive ingredients to lock in moisture, ultra-rich emollients to smooth and soften, and vitamins and fatty acids to provide nourishment for the hair and skin.

We hope that you allow us to help transform your daily routine into an extraordinary experience.

Rolanda Bell

Sonoran Botanicals